Tiny Festivals

The Tiny Festivals

Our goal, if we manage to create this unique place together, is to organize many tiny festivals at the Farm.
But not festivals like the others, they are very good and we could not do better.
This is why we have already imagined 4 Tiny Festivals different from those that already exist.


In April: The Farm Film Festival

The Goodwill Film Festival

The first Farm Festival of the year will be about Cinema.

10 days of film celebrations related to countryside or farms.

Screenings of previously unseen films (if possible) and classic films, indoors and outdoors, every evening of the Festival.

But above all, an unprecedented Film competition.

One week to make a movie. 

From Saturday at 12 noon to the following Saturday at 12 noon, 7 days, 168 hours to make a movie.

There is only one condition to shoot and edit all the shots of the film, at the Goodwill farm, in Dordogne, or in New Aquitaine, in 1 week.

The films made during the competition will then be viewed ... with kindness, the last weekend of the festival.

Participate in the competition Become a member of the Jury

In June: The Music Festival

Music at the farm

The second Tiny festival, on the farm, each year, will be for Music
3 days of music of all styles, great concerts for a small audience.
The originality of this Tiny Festival is that the program will never be announced in advance.
We will only announce the style of music, but not the name of the Artists, because our goal will not be to attract as many spectators as possible, but only to offer the best possible conditions to create moments of unforgettable musical communions.

The number of places available will be very limited !!!

Ticket office soon open Play at the Tiny Festival

In September: The Vintage & Retro Dance Festival

Tiny Vintage Dance Festival

Our goal is for the first Tiny Festival in the history of the Goodwill Farm to be a festival that at the same time celebrates all the reasons for which we imagined the Goodwill Farm.

What could be better than the Vintages Days?

The first weekend of September, at the same time as the Vintage Days of Périgueux, We hope to be able to organize, thanks to you, this first Tiny Festival which will be the occasion, during 3 days, to participate in workshops, to attend performances and to participate in bals, in a vintage and retro setting and atmosphere.

Lindy hop, Twist, Rock'n Roll, Swing, Charleston, Jive and many other styles of dance will be in the spotlight on a nostalgia weekend.

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In November: The Bilingual Humor Festival

Festival d'Humour à la Ferme

The last Tiny festival, on the farm, each year, will be that of Humor.

As for the Tiny Music Festival, the prommation will never be announced in advance.

You choose whether you want to laugh in French or in English.

We take care of finding benevolent comedians.

The number of places available will be very limited !!!

Ticket office soon open Play at the Tiny Festival

Celebrations & Parties

In addition to the Tiny Festivals organized at the Farm over several days, we will also organize many Parties and Evenings, for one day or one night, throughout the year.

Mardi Gras • St Patrick • Holi • Halloween • Dia de Muertos • Guy Fawkes Night • St Nicolas • New Year's Eve
And much more