Culture at the farm

The sharing of Cultures

The Goodwill Farm has its roots in many cultures.
This is why we want this place to be a multicultural place and a reminder of the richness of our planet.
The Farm being located in France we will celebrate everything that makes the beauty of French Culture: its Gastronomy, its Traditions, its Love of Art, its Sense of Humor and its Spirit of Innovation.
But also and above all its openness to the world.


What better place than a farm to celebrate gastronomy?

Our goal is to create a place that is both for cooking and for savoring dishes and recipes from all around the world. 
For that, we imagined a multitude of services.

The Traditions

We want to make Goodwill Farm a place of multicultural celebration by organizing different kinds of events.

We will organize in "the Street" of the farm, several markets throughout the year.
Local produce markets, night markets or flea markets.

We will take advantage of this space to organize fun events for all ages.
Old game competitions, life-size role-playing games or sports games.

We will organize many small Parties and Evenings, from different French and foreign traditions.

As we love to dance, we will be having different bals throughout the year.

Because the most beautiful evenings often have fireworks, but above all because Sam, the designer of this farm, is a qualified fireworks technician, he will create small pyrotechnic shows for you.


We love Art, in all its forms and we miss Art!
That's why we imagined different ways to find it again.

Tiny Festivals

Tiny Festivals

The Goodwill Farm is designed to host very small festivals of a new kind.
We have already imagined 4 Tiny Festivals based on originality and not on size.
Cinema, Music, Dance and Humor will be on the program.
It's time to think about tomorrow.


An open-air museum

The Farm will be an open space for exhibitions of sculptures and permanent, temporary or ephemeral artistic installations.
4 works are already waiting to be able to reach their final location.

The Guantanamo Vénus • Back to the Future

Green Queen Hunting Trophy • Pied Piper

More information soon

An Open Cinema

The farm will have a somewhat special cinema. Lie down on large cushions, made on the farm from recycled and local materials, you can watch films projected on the ceiling of the large shed.

More information soon


The purpose of the Farm is to be a place of shows.
This is why there will be several stages to receive all types of shows, whether as part of the Tiny Festivals, events or evenings that we will organize.

Music Rooms

You want to make music, but you don't have a place to play, or you don't have an instrument. The farm will have several places suitable for taking or giving lessons, or practicing an instrument without being afraid of disturbing the neighbors.

Spirit of Innovation

Fab Lab

Thanks to the Fab Lab that we will install, you will be able to take advantage of the latest 3D or laser technologies, in order to create the parts necessary for your creative projects.



Thanks to our Workshop and the many tools in our Bricothèque, you can create, repair, transform or improve everything you want, in the best conditions.


Video & Web Tv Studio

The farm will be equipped with all the necessary equipment to make outdoor videos (cameras, stabilizer, drone, etc.), as well as a studio for indoor filming.


The Culture of Sharing

The Goodwill Farm is designed to be a place where we cultivate the notion of sharing.

Free Store

The farm will have a free store with very simple operation:

• If you want to give something away for free, you drop it off at the farm's free store.

• You find something you like in the free store, you take it.

More information soon

Tea or Coffee ?

Between the grocery store and the free store will be a slightly special tea or coffee area, where the gas used to heat the water will come from organic waste from the farm. (Homebiogas)

There will always be a free drink to welcome you to the farm.

More information soon