The Big Barn

The Big Barn

Located in the middle of the Farm, the large barn will also have multiple permanent, seasonal or temporary functions.


The Big Barn

The Big Barn is intended to host many activities throughout the seasons at the Farm.
Our goal is for this large barn to be used throughout the year for different purposes.

Permanent uses:
A Workshop, a Bricothèque, a Kitchen, a Laboratory, a TinyBrasserie and a Dryer.

Seasonal uses:
The Multi-Use room will be used in winter for indoor cultivation and it will be used as a small reception room in summer (weddings, baptisms, etc ...)

Temporary Uses:
Outside of periods of indoor cultivation, the multi-purpose room will be used for ephemeral events such as our festivals, shows, exhibitions, conferences, etc ...

Multi-Use Room

The largest space in the large barn will be used in winter for indoor cultivation.
The rest of the year this space will be used to host the various Farm events.

Kitchen & Laboratory

The Farm will have a professional kitchen and a laboratory to transform the different farm products.
Like all premises on the farm, this kitchen and laboratory will be available for shared use.

DIY Workshop &
Tools Library

The Farm will obviously have a workshop, which like all the other buildings, will be shared and united.
Our goal is to offer a suitable place equipped with all the necessary tools, so that anyone can do DIY in the best possible conditions, without having to buy tools that will be underused.




Like all the buildings of the Goodwill Farm, the different parts of the large barn will be shared spaces, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a PASS

More Info information about our Pass