The Big Shed

The Big Shed

Located behind the large barn of the farm, the hangar will house different activities as the days go by.

Multi-Use Space

Currently used as storage space, this hangar will be transformed into a multi-purpose covered space,


This covered space will be used for the projection of films or sporting events in a traditional way (on the wall of the large barn) or in a more original way (on the ceiling of the hangar), for viewing lying in large soft cushions.

Shooting range

Next to the large hangar, this part will be rehabilitated as a shooting range, for all ages.
From messing everything up to the pellet rifle, including throwing axes, knives or Chinese stars, our goal is to create a playful shooting space.


Like all buildings at Ferme Goodwill, the large Hangar will be a shared space, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the PASS (RFID) system of the Goodwill Farm.

More information about our PASS