Our goal is to build a whole universe for children.
We have imagined for this space of the Goodwill Farm 4 different galaxies, which we will build out of wood and recycled materials.
A place where all dreams are possible

We finish the sketches and we show you that in pictures as much as possible

4 Spaces

Pirates & knights

Who hasn't dreamed of one day of a castle, princes and princesses?

In this medieval universe, we will install a tower, a levi bridge, catapults and everything that evokes piracy and chivalry.

Sciences & Fairies

Who hasn't dreamed of Fairies and Magic Potions?

In this magical universe, we will set up a scientific laboratory to carry out magic potions and experiments.

Mechanics & Construction

Who hasn't dreamed of driving a construction machine, or hasn't built a sandcastle?

In this universe, we will install a mechanical excavator, a crane, and ingenious mechanisms.

Shop & Food

Who hasn't played the merchant?

A grocery store and a kitchen will allow children to have fun doing shopping before cooking good herbal soups.

A rocket to aim for the stars

Thanks to Ferme Laborde, we have just found a new element for our Dreamland.
A Rocket will stand at the end of the playground. It will serve as a starting point for a zipline a bit special as well as for slides

A outdoor kids theater

Who hasn't dreamed of putting on a costume and taking the stage?
If ever the 4 universes that we have imagined, are not enough to fill the imagination of the children, then they have a costume chest and a theater to their size to let their imagination express itself even more.

Slides and Ziplines

There is no playground without slides, it is impossible, so there will inevitably be slides and zip lines, to complete Dreamland.

You would love a playground like this ... so do We.
Us make this dream come true all Children.