Homebiogas, who is it, what is it?

HomeBiogas is the world leader in biogas production systems for individuals and professionals.
Through their products, they enable individuals and businesses around the world to transform their own organic waste into clean energy and fertilizer.

Since 2016 we have dreamed of being able to use this system to reduce our waste production.

Thanks to the Farm and thanks to you, the dream of reducing the amount of waste that ends up buried will finally be able to come true.

How it works ?


1 Biodigestion

This is the process by which hungry bacteria break down organic waste, like food scraps and animal manure, producing biogas. Empty your organic waste into the digester and the bacteria will take care of the rest!

 2 Patented Gas Storage


Bacteria in the digester turn the organic waste into biogas that is collected, filtered, and stored in a safe and patented gas storage bag.

3 Connect right to the stove


Biogas will be delivered right to the specially designed biogas stovetop. We supply you with the stove, the piping, and simple instructions to guide you through.

4 Ready to use bio-fertilizer


Bacteria in the digester don’t only make biogas, they also produce organic, liquid bio-fertilizer. The bio-fertilizer flows freely so you can easily collect and use it on your crops.

Use on the farm

The Farm's Homebiogas system will be installed next to the coworking space and the gas produced will be used to heat drinks (coffee, tea) and meals prepared in the kitchenette located between the independent grocery store and the free store.

One system for everyone

The system will be usable by all visitors to the Farm

Thanks Homebiogas

Logo Homebiogas

A big thank you to Homebiogas, for their inventions of course, but also for allowing us to use their illustrations.