The Incubator

Solidarity Coworking Space & Incubator

Located at the entrance of the property, this former hunter's hut will be transformed into a shared offices space and a business incubator.


By sharing our offices and our means of production, the Goodwill Farm will allow the creation of a non-profit coworking space.
Composed of this shared office space, but also of the meeting room, the games room, the Fab Lab and all the buildings and resources of the farm, our goal is to create the best possible working environment, at a solidarity rate.

Business domiciliation

The Goodwill Farm will be registered with the prefecture, in order to be able to do business domiciliation at a solidarity rate.
Our goal is to create and place of sharing and exchange of experiences between the different companies which will be domiciled or hosted on the farm.

Solidarity rates

We are fully aware of the prices charged for the services we want to offer on the farm and we believe that they are not strictly speaking, benevolent.
This is why at the Goodwill Farm our prices will be different.

6/ month
  • Domiciliate your business at the farm
12/ month
  • Take advantage of the coworking space of the farm.
24/ mois
  • Take advantage of the coworking space of the farm.

You dream of a pleasant and adapted working environment, in a healthy environment ... So do We.
Us to make this dream come true for You.


Positive energy

The entire roof will be covered with photovoltaic panels, so that the building can be completely energy self-sufficient.

Green Hosting

Planet Hoster

Like this website, all of the Farm's computer hosting needs will be provided by a 100% green host.

Green Screen

In order to be able to produce our videos and photos of products, the offices will be equipped with a video and photo recording studio on a green screen.


The Farm Offices will have a shared workstation, equipped with a Creative Cloud subscription in order to be able to use all Adobe software.

A healthy and caring workspace

Even if the farm is located in the middle of the fields, this workspace will be an enclosed place, which is why like all the closed rooms of the farm it will be equipped with an air purifier.


This place will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the PASS (RFID) system of the Goodwill Farm

More Information about our Pass


The Waskr company, currently domiciled in Bordeaux, has already reserved its place at the Farm.

Works and Improvements

The first works of transformation and rehabilitation of this building will be:
- Cleaning
- Installation of optical fiber
- Replacement of the roof for the installation of solar panels
- Interior and exterior paints
- Interior design (offices and video studio)
- Exterior decoration of the building
- Change of door and windows
- Installation of solar panels

The second part of the work will concern the insulation of the building, which we will carry out as soon as we have produced enough hemp, so that this insulation is carried out with ecological and local materials.

Once the exterior insulation of the walls has been completed, the 2 facades of the building overlooking the farm will be embellished with seasonal artistic works.

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