The Offices

The Offices

Like all farms we will need an office.
Like all buildings at La ferme Goodwill, we will be sharing it with the public.


This building will be transformed into a coworking space. It will consist of 2 shared workstations and 4 individual workstations, as well as a part dedicated to video shooting and another to taking photos.
Connected to the fiber optic network, the offices will have the best possible internet connection.


The purpose of the Farm is to allow everyone to take advantage of the means at our disposal, which is why the farm will be registered with the prefecture in order to be able to accommodate other businesses and share our experiences with them.

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Preservation & Transformation

This farm building is both the most modern and the ugliest on the farm.
We will keep its modern aspect by transforming the 2 facades overlooking the farm into walls of ephemeral artistic expressions.
Then we will carry out the exterior insulation of the building with the fiber from the hemp produced on the farm.
The facade of the offices visible from the outside of the farm, will be covered with a stones wall (taken from the farm) in order to respect and harmonize the exterior aspect of the farm.
For the rehabilitation of this building, the first work will consist of replacing the door and windows, and repainting the entire building.
The roof will be covered with solar panels, in order to transform the offices into a positive energy building.

  • Office facade


Like all buildings at Ferme Goodwill, the offices will be a shared and supportive space.
The Coworking space will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a PASS

More Information about our Pass